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youre 10 and 11 welcome to your analysis of Benvolio in preparation for your English literature exam very quickly then his name Benvolio was mean literally means goodwill so we know that that is going to be synonymous with his character and he is the peacekeeper throughout the play in acts 1 scene 1 in his first appearance when the servants are fighting he says part fools put up your swords you know not what you do and its reminders of Christs last words on the cross Father forgive them they know not what they do just as Christ is a peacemaker Benvolio also takes on this rule again in like 131 I do but keep the peace put up thy sword so other instances of him attempting to and stop or pause the field obviously its futile and I suppose up another way in which feed is working against Romeo and Juliet he tries to stop the fighting and the

taking part and it does me with an Tibble arise afterwards II talked to Rory with parents and promises to find out why Romeo has been acting depressed he meets up with Romeo who tells him the problem is that hes in love with the girl who isnt interested in him in hopes of helping Romeo get over other line Benvolio and also initio convince Romeo to crush the Capulet party theyll compare was the line to the other women there and and hopefully Romeo will see that shes not all that and he said examine other beauties sweet Ellen royal to look at other women remember in the beginning of this plea there is a lot of references to eyes and eyesight which is sheikhs they have reinforcing the fact that Romeos supported love for love the line isnt real it isnt deep it isnt genuine so Benvolio persuades royal that really should look at other women now by McCue

shoe and also been more encouraging Romeo to crash the ball this has a direct influence on the events in the rest of the play because by crushing the cab Euler balls team me Juliet Im actually seeing one and Act two scene for them then volume with you she will try to figure out where Romeo has disappeared to they soon give up and Herald the next day eventually on the TV of childrens know where he is they know that Tibbles have challenged their friends through Benvolio says the issue of Romeo will uphold his honor and fight tables when the nations of Benvolio Johns Romeo Mercutio jet material and the general mockery of the woman forget this timmikins them to all Capulet hath sent a letter to his fathers house the challenge on my life Romeo will answer it to your translations on the right there she space on the left Benvolio says that Romeo will answer the

challenge that is placed upon him this is obviously chic be assuring us the secrecy of the marriage the fact that that the friends and the family of the lovers dont even know and this again is Fiat working against them because Romeo warned five tables after a scene one as usual been boyo tries to avoid fighting with the Capulets book gets drawn into it when Tibbles straws in Benvolio tries to get everybody to calm down much like act 1 scene 1 he tells me Kyushu and civilize chilla I continued their argument in private and as usual no one listens to him and then for you after witness table and Mercutio dueling with each other when the cue she dies he also then see when we on table fight and triple dies then boy who tells will merely has to run away or the print or punishing with death when the Prince arrives at the scene of the

what it happened most like a spawn seen one where he explains what has happened so is the peace maker and his trustworthy the characters trust him to reveal whats going on I pray thee good Mercutio lets retire the Diaz hasta couples abroad and if we meet we shall not scape roll to now they cost the the mad blood stirring look at the fact that he repeats that its a ha steer that again is a supposed very loosely pathetic fallacy in the sense that it represents the hot-headed fiery Tibbals whos going to come in and cause a fight in any event volumes begging with Ushio to retire and as a theory goes please the Peacekeeper knee wildly wisely notes that a brawl will be inevitable again be it coordinate Benvolio violence is always inflamed by the summer heat I hope is just very quick revision of endures being useful and must good luck in your English literature exam

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