All For One Might Be Izuku’s Father In My Hero Academia (Boku No Hero)

who is midoriyas dad
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most of my hero academia fans know the popular theory of dobby being a member of the Todoroki family but theres another family centric theory surrounding the hit anime series that has just as much merit of course were talking about the theory that all for one is in fact is Ooka Midori as father it sounds crazy at first but it becomes more believable with each bit of evidence that comes to light so lets take a look showing the center of this theory starts with Star Wars of all places there are a number of references to Star Wars throughout my hero academia from city names to omage is like all four ones black masks a villainous helmet that also appears to serve as a breathing apparatus much like Darth Vaders signature headgear this is because my hero academia creator Kohei Hiroko she is a huge Star Wars fan his love of the franchise clearly making its way into his hit manga series this love of Star Wars goes beyond references however since the entire story structure of my hero academia is based on the original trilogy its not clear at first glance but upon further inspection two comparisons become very present and the original Star Wars trilogy Lukes trained by a warrior whose past his prime in obi-wan so then he can take up the fight against a villain Darth Vader seeking the additional training of a short often vague and hard to understand teacher Yoda most people know this setup now lets apply it to my hero academia azúcar fits in the place of Luke a person who desires training to reach his goal a hero who cannot fight like he used to takes him under his wing in all-night and further training coming from a short vague teacher in Gran Torino also he can possibly one day face a powerful villain in a black helmet in all for one the parallels are pretty crazy when you look at them and with so many similarities it wouldnt be all that far-fetched to think that the biggest twist of the original Star Wars trilogy will also be paralleled in my hero academia as we all know darth vader revealed himself to be lukes father and one of cinemas greatest twists of all time and if the rest of the narrative has been mirrored and

paid homage to in my hero academia it could very well be revealed that altar 1 is actually the father of Asuka midoriya wheres our proof of this well lets start with the fact that Hozuki father whose name is Hisashi midoriya has been completely absent from the story the only things we know about him is that his work keeps him busy and constantly moving around which is why hes not home and that he has the power to breathe fire additionally we know that his given name Hisashi translates to a long time ago which could be another Star Wars reference and a hint at the characters connection to the Darth vader-like villain of the series beyond these details we dont know much about asukas father and its this absence and lack of details that actually help fuel the theory that he is in fact Oliver 1 how so well the characters absence is a little strange for one thing there are no pictures of Hisashi around the midoriya household and beyond the first mention of them there hasnt been any further reference to the character furthermore azukis mother is a rather important figure in his life and in the overall story so the fact that Kohei hirako she would put Inco midoriya in the spotlight but purposefully leave her husband out is rather suspicious and implies that theres something bigger going on if one parent is so important and the other is absent this is arguably the weakest part of the theory but its just the beginning as the possible reason for the absence of bazookas father opens up another piece of evidence that might begin to convince naysayers that all-4-one is indeed Hisashi midoriya the entire point of alter ones character is that he has the power to steal the quirks of others and with this power he has amassed hundreds of quirks making him the absolute strongest villain on the planet with all the Corks hes collected over the years it wouldnt be all that far-fetched that he acquired say a memory manipulation quirk one that it allow him to have a child with Inca midoriya and then change her memories if this is the case that Inca midoriya could have been manipulated by all-4-one into forgetting about the relationship and believing that she had a husband that was absent due to

work if this is the case then some of you might be asking why which is a fair question why exactly what all-4-one do this what purpose does it serve him to have a child to begin with and if he had one why would he remove himself from their lives to steal his quark azúcar midoriya was born without a quark but what if instead of this being a natural occurrence it was actually taken from him at birth perhaps all for one has been having children with women all over the world in order to create new quirks that he can steal its a bit far-fetched but if this part of the theory were true then it would explain why a zoo coos father is so absent from his life and from the story however since a zoo coup has a physical trait that shows he was born without a quark in the form of an extra joint in his toe this part of the theory is a bit up in the air but theres a major background detail that could possibly explain this the fact that a zoo coos doctor works for all for one look at the doctor that appears in this flashback he has a mustache and unique looking goggle like glasses now take a look at the doctor that has been tending to all-4-one severe wounds he also has a noticeable mustache and unique goggles could it be that the doctor who works for all upper one also poses as the pediatrician that tends to all the offspring of all over one if this was the case it would explain a lot and it makes this whole theory sound very very convincing so basically it works like this all for ones having kids to develop new quirks or to power up the quirks of himself and the women hes having the kids with also he can steal the quirks of the children when theyre born we imagine hes doing this with and to a number of secret families he has all over the country yes we know it itd be super messed up if this was true and in order to cover his tracks hes done two things manipulate the womans memories and use this doctor to tell the children they were just born quark lists using fake x-rays to back

this up if this is true then it would be a pretty huge twist elaborate both within the context of the story and in terms of her akashis writing skill the aspect of this theory still works even if you tone down the extremity lets say all for one doesnt have a quark Factory in the form of multiple families across Japan lets say its less intense than that and Inco and all-4-one actually had a meaningful relationship one that was cut short by one or both of the following reasons he either found that his son is zu ku who had a powerful quirk that he wanted so much he was willing to steal from his own child and cover it up or his injuries from his fight with all might left him so disfigured that he left his family and went into hiding claiming that he was working abroad to cover it all up the second situation stretches things a bit especially since the villain doesnt seem like the type of person to start a family but both situations in general work to fill in some of the gaps of this theory especially when it comes to the doctor who really brings the whole theory together Iizuka being the son of the worlds greatest villain being trained by the worlds greatest hero to become a great hero himself presents the perfect strong thematic contrast and if this turns out to be the case it create a fantastic twist but thats only half of the equation and timorous Shigure aki is the other half many know that shigaraki is the grandson of all mites teacher and one of the previous users of one for all thus the descendant of one of the worlds greatest heroes became a villain knowing her eco shes writing style it wouldnt be the craziest assumption to think that he would also make the son of the worlds greatest villain destined to be a great hero if this was the case then thered be another great formatic contrast between the two both rejecting their heritage to carve out their own super-powered paths all for one being a zoo coos father sounds ridiculous but then you think about it and it does seem possible that this is what co-head Noriko she is planning after all the guy loves Star Wars and the classic

of the films would fit in with his MO furthermore hes ook whose father being absent leaves a lot of questions up in the air all of which conveniently get answered by the concept of this theory theres also the fact that the thematic contrast of having a major villain be the father of a great hero in training who fights a villain whos the descendant of a great hero would be powerful and deep tying into the overall theme of asukas character that you can be more than what you start as be it for good or for evil and there you have thats all the evidence we have for this theory but theres still one more thing to explore regarding it how it would work for the story from our perspective we think it could be an interesting development to learn that a zoo coos father has been Oliver one the whole time and if its revealed properly it could be a great way to lead into a final art but it would definitely have to happen towards the end of the series if theres a planned ending in mind it would also serve to further the theme of the series which as we just mentioned is the idea of not letting what you are determined who you are and itll be the ultimate test for a zoo coup a trial to show if he truly has escaped what he is to become who and what hes always wanted to be a hero who rescues others with a smile and a powerful sense of justice if Iizuka finds out that hes the son of the worlds greatest super villain then he might have a moment of doubt a moment where he breaks down after realizing that he came from a man so bent on bringing chaos and acquiring power but knowing Hazuki hell fight through it and fight against all for one ignoring his connection to him to fight for what he believes in justice and protecting others so what did you think does this theory have merit or are we just babbling nonsense was there any evidence that we didnt bring up which could further prove this theory to be true let us know in the comments section below and dont forget to subscribe to see BR for more anime content thanks for watching

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