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hello this is Ainsley Ainsley where the hell have you been oh shit Im in the Bahamas aint see what are you doing in the Bahamas I take a I take a vacation easily you just started working why are you taking a vacation I need the break but its not stressful and thats what having a job is like I mean youre supposed to be working right nice most begin your business Ive been running aint say what have you been doing with all this money Ill tell you this Ive been very productive okay I have been working on fuck Ive been making a lot of money Ive been putting a lot of women in jobs okay they give me pina coladas when I say and they give me pussy nicely thats not what the money was for the money was to get your Tucker business back up and running so you could provide for your family where your children right now what are you doing they got eaten by alligator man dont bring it up easily we gave you so much money to get your taco business back up and running we got you so much money to get it back off the ground I believed in you Oh what do you mean it wasnt your fault and they say you wanted me to give your pussy and I like you have to give me money and I gave the money Paisley we got you that money so you could get back on your feet and provide for your family I also got this cool ad supreme t-shirt it was $400 $400 got me yeah easily how much money do you have left 1,000 I dont know and do you think thats enough to start your taco business yes Aynsley you have no concept of how money works all right Im flying you back were gonna make another goddamn sponsored video together and when I get you some money and this time I need you to focus on the prize stop talking about the fucking pina coladas all right well welcome back to Skinner were back its been three months its lost months of video were doing this again were gonna try the new skin hub upgrade feature but before we do that Aynsley we got to go and use code Fitz are you gonna use code Fitz we have to go to the rewards tab at the top and then we use you see the free money man you see where it says free money I see wherever it says that yeah yeah yeah you can use code Fitz for free money I use code Fitz thats the best one hey thanks thanks for the plugins but yeah also really quickly what you could do is you can verify your account which is a nice little way to get yourself even more free money to play around with so you can obviously claim a referral code its good and you can link your Facebook and your Twitter which is definitely worth doing basically its just free money sitting

right there so make sure you do all those things link up your social media and then youre good to go oh by the way guys we are doing a giveaway for this video all you got to do is leave a like on the video and a comment down below telling me your dream skin and done in about a weeks time Im gonna pick ten people and give them their dream skin anything whats your favorite skin add goat skin no Ainsley I mean like a gun skin pumpkin no no yeah I mean easily obviously youve got a thousand dollars left I mean thats not thats not bad thats not the sneeze at you thats very good Ive only got seven dollars so Im making a deposit of my own money theres a bunch of ways to get credits to using the same the skin deposit features pretty good if you want to trade in some your skins Ive only got this blues though so I think Im gonna buy a gift card using PayPal and Im probably gonna give myself I think 250 bucks of my own money which is a lot but you know Im feeling confident tonight Im feeling like we can we can really make this happen we got John in with John how are you doing yeah great this is just the goose give me the best fucking video I could already throw right now can we get your shit together for like one little scripted moment where we got John back from last time were gonna do the upgrade feature and skinned up which is a new thing they added John you you kind of know how it works a bit more than me can you try and explain it a little bit to how how it fucking works all right get the resident gambler na so what you want to do is you want to select a skin that you like just go hey you know I like that skin lets say that I wanted to get a desert eagle blaze here okay and then you use the slider to choose what percentage chance you want to get to win that and the higher percent the more money you were gonna be spending Oh okay so it shows you how much money youre spending down below and obviously the higher the percentage the more likely you ought to get the skin yeah and the lower the list youre spending but the list like you ought to get the skin so you can kind of control your own profit okay I get yeah thats good so I can t go play seems like a good starting point Aynsley did you get all that were you listening all right okay Diigo plays what percentage you guys put that on Im thinking a 65 sounds all right 65 seems kind of safe and do you guys get it well you didnt get it on No okay Ive only got 330 bucks in the bank but okay lets do it if I dont get this okay I

got it good we never lose fucking insane I learned many gambling techniques when I was in the Bahamas John what have you been up to since not a sponsored video oh you know just living out of a box thats it not much else now you got a computer in there so it must have power you know its a nice box but I like to live very minimal so that I can just you know use as much money as possible on gambler makes sense – thats perfect its definitely a healthy lifestyle for you yeah youre kind of like Ainslie except Ainslie somehow still ends up with a thousand dollars in the bank no matter what happens yeah yeah whats that about 40% BAM upgrading oh you lost okay Im just trying to make a little bit of money you know just gradually going up and up and up what are you in this for mean obviously aint hes trying to agree starters taco business after blowing all his money in the Bahamas what are you doing this for a job you like the box I mean yeah its alright I mean I bought you that box John alright anything yeah upgrade that upgrade that upgrade look at me the man who never loses he Jesus this is ringing about going so well okay I say we do a small one we pick out like a $100 skin alright were roughly that amount Im picking like a gamma Doppler its 125 we all said it at 60% so its not its its better than a coin toss for I chances its nice I got nothing you always have us back over that crimson win you want to do that one dont you I mean he can hes got to grad so if any of you guys store them whats happening right now hes basically betting almost everything he has so thats like a 2.8 case skin and if he puts it on a 50% chance so 50% chance he wins 50% chance he loses he the wins 1.5 Gary loses 1.5 kids so thats like almost all your money if you lose this youll be left with $400 if you win well youre in a very good place indeed make sure you want to do this I hope your lives shut up John fuckin Ainsley pulled the trigger on this one 50% okay none of this would have happened if he was just responsible in the first place youre the one that gave a known idiot excuse re Anjali Hey look okay way there I gave him a thousand dollars or not is you know sure maybe I did give him a thousand dollars okay but I thought that he could really make something of himself using this great site called skin hub comm and using code Fitz I believed in him and he let me down its always happens to be mad every time Im around you guys I lose everything youre claiming anything you dont blaming us seriously are you dont you every time I try to

make money from you guys I lose all my money anything your business I finally snap the fuck out of it okay everythings gonna be fine no youre gonna be fine all right listen to me kid you know sometimes in life you just got to believe in yourself and thats what were doing here today all right Ainsley can you believe in me real quick all right heres what were gonna do again put that sucker on 45% and hit that upgrade button buddy Im rooting for you we can do this were gonna climb out of this hole and get you some profit today come on whoa thats what Im talking about any to be just made it back no problem good luck good luck to you man lets do it come on me yeah whoo oh yeah so were slowly climbing up lets go for a butterfly knife thats 600 bucks and lets put it at 55% what that what yeah could you even do maths did you go to school Angeles no I dont know what the number is out of man this is how you make a easy money oh yeah come on lets go how much is that hell yeah you know what success this is what success feels I cant see were pulling ourselves out of the hole right I never lose so there is no way this one can fail yes mate come on lets go thats a good streak we got going on here easy money for me nice easy there problem yeah weve just doubled it like that easy no problem this is easy money for a nice surprise if we lost this yeah go ahead youre fine dont worry about it kiddo okay oh yeah yeah this is gonna be the worst were gonna lose this one for sure this is a bad idea you have to believe man if we get this fucking life-changing me lets go broke Alan yeah I just thought really risky 30 percent on this crampon face and I literally lost almost all my mind is now good luck maybe some of that luck will run it right over me no this is gonna be the one that you lose even though you have a high man Im not negative Im just Im just you know Im trying I can feel the ChaChas in the air Ainsley okay well I failed the win-win that worked out nicely done you ready to go crazy and see how much you on your over 350 grand job youve made like two grand in the last ten minutes its thats pretty fucking Dee so go to the crimson whip holy shit thats actually three oh man thats do you think we should do it just fucking risk it do the Crim last time we lost it yeah last night we lost the advance give me a big one go on the Karambit crimson we have what is easy for me okay Im gonna be easy I think that this is probably gonna be when we lose everything its typed down below

down below at the cost just type a two grand which is probably gonna put it around 65 okay okay cool Oh Oh screamer ski this is pretty much holding in all this profit right now anything what do you feel how you how do you feel about this man this would make it dont break it man I dont know do a test were all going to a test just do a test just do a test okay do another test well at least at least we know the test test again the exact same thing do it again do it with a 65 do it with a 65 lets not get fucking stupid this is what always happens we can win this one Aynsley youre nuts right now fucking fine the man who never loses money okay just because hes got such a good luck now Im just gonna do like another one of my little things on the side over here I think Im gonna do I think Im gonna go for this $10 nice little $10 little skin and there goes my money okay I think were gonna stop here man were gonna were gonna lose were gonna ACA were gonna lose all those money if we keep going we gotta we gotta chill the fuck out be grateful for what we does God and just move on this is a this is enough money if you to get back on your feet enough money if you to get yourself really started in life I need you to know that Im proud of you for coming back NZ Audio audio serious no Im not I actually hate you I regret do it in its entirety youre an asshole Haley I hope you lose all your money I know for a fact that you are not gonna do anything useful with this money you were gonna throw it all out use the shit thank you I like the tech bye bye why should I dont to speak to any board because I fuck many prostitutes but they dont match because they dont know its okay I make money now I get thank you Paisley we made it through the ringer we got air in the end guys thats the end of the sponsored video thanks thanks for watching it through the end make sure you guys use code fits on the site because that supports me as a creator make sure you check out skin hub you know thanks to them for sponsoring this video I appreciate you guys for letting me do this every once in awhile I try not to make them too often because I know something you probably dont like them but I mean honestly this has been a good time today thanks for watching the video and well all see you in the normal video makes that I dont want to give anyone syphilis you have syphilis on my hands what happens when you jerk off when you go to syphilis because I possible can you get syphilis apparently has very serious complications damn

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