Adele Givens talks about the secret to marriage…

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a queen of comedy at the Arlington Texas improv this weekend adele givens great to see you thank you its good to be here Im in Arlington thank goodness this weekend yeah well whatd you think when you when you rolled in and I understood what was going on in Dallas well I didnt find out until late late last night what was going on in Dallas and I was like whoa that that thats rough its its rough you know and its very early on so me being a comedian and the person that I am I can make jokes off the air and it has nothing to do with peoples lives but it but I got jokes right right right yep the shows yeah and this is the time when you want your comedians because jealous has gone through something that you know nobodys experienced before and now they will come out and support because they want the funny they man nobody gives them to them like you do thats my spokesperson that symbol whoops any information on adele givens checking she got you if youd like to invest in her movie I skank hos not to become dont skank oh dont let the name throw you off right dont come a plan thanks for you did you follow me I dont think Ive ever seen adele givens when shes in a bad mood or I just see the president talked to the Sybil talk no no no it is your job we dont people have seen me in a bad mood Im not here to tell about it thats right lets just put it thats how bad that movie its not my mom is a upset comedian hes supposed to be I didnt tell me Adele I wonder no more when aint nobody around when they no audience around who are you then Im Beyonce or either Sasha Fierce depending on how

I for you out there right right and if you like it then you shouldve put a ring I drink some lemonade yes I do and talk about Becky with the good hair and I got hot sauce in my bag she feeling some kind of way what is lost up a lot of stuff that you say is it planned or sometimes stuff just rolls out of your mouth and you it surprises you sometimes sometimes I do get surprised but yeah thats why Im grateful for the microphone cuz then you know you got an excuse you cant just be walking around and say some of the things I say without a my can you lean right gotta be some type of perform gonna come up with that and youve been married a quite a while man yes been uh I got a GED but we I married in 92 yeah we get your number two pills and add it on I kid I dont watch any field yeah well you think of Russell in Sierra time at night oh well so they taught the knot they got married in England day before yesterday are you serious I think they wasted a whole lot of free promotional time things and he was being talked about you could have saved the marriage to later when it got slow for you again did you get mad so cuz now theres something to talk about so Im learning the game of publicity yeah a simple yeah you know Ive never had you here in my life games right now they cost a lot of money Im Oh God publish this Monday but they go finger down Im Dinah if I can you that much money much you are mine okay I am buying you I financed you lady get over here and do these dishes hello that promotion come over and help me clean this house

thats what I need another one of those celebrity marriages you think its gonna last you think its gonna be okay uh well I dont even know Russell so I believe its gonna last you know when you know both of the celebrities then thats danger cuz Wendy Williams get ahold of anything a picture she reach them over them big old breasts and start talking about girl hunt it easy I thought were talking every day I got a slip thats a record any symbol Ill surprise you with that long hi Jane that is a record Eileen good that time I didnt use one well I did use the wrong word it was one in seven one it was my bad I give myself no more credit I did do good though didnt I take it you kept our engineer on his toes man he still got told I worked in sugar your feet will be gone messing around better check yourself buddy adele givens at the Arlington Texas improv this weekend Adele you you got us such a knack and talent to make people laugh hysterically when you realize you had that gift uh long time ago uh you know my mom bless her heart our soul you know I didnt know she was crazy I just thought that was normal behavior right and then when I did talk they started telling me you act just like your mama took it as a company I started going to school and I found out that aint no compliment we just let me know she letting the world know get ready Nellie Belle Juniors all right juh mom ever ever come back to the school man my mama would have had to come down to the still we still be talking about that story over here today no I was quiet and very good in school didnt did she uh live long enough to

see before him again absolutely she did she saw you J she saw a lot of my friends a lot of yall games like that huh yeah you know but thats the best of amazing thing about being a parent youre gonna love even no matter what they do is because J talks about the fact you know he makes jokes about his sister and stuff and you know like but if youre gonna take a check then you gonna have to live with these jokes thats messed up pretty much paid us he bought us yeah my man theres money you take some of these jokes I mean thats what I throw me in without asking so you got 25 years coming up with you and Tony 25 you add that up it was so intelligent do anything for 25 25 Gs you saw she did that I need to know how to renumber um I mean you know we dont have any plans but what its gonna be some thats a big you know 25 thats just silver anniversary I mean Jay hasnt gone 25 months with one woman Oh with all my marriage you congratulations well thank you but you know exist unmarried whats the secret to your success in a marriage well we dont live together and we rarely see each other what that do name again Tony yeah the dude I married Im gonna get his last name for you Im a texter – well I dont know we grew up on the same block weve been knowing each other for all our lives so I have no clue this is just I cant even help you except to say work at anything I mean its not like you say you see me and Im always happy Im not always happy ask Tony Tony know it was a big know from what are yall fight about it is thats a

you just we dont fight we dont have fights seriously now you know after 25 years you talk you say listen communication if you aint figured out communication I think that would be the answer thats if you communicate you can pretty much resolve anything one of the frustrations of this whole situation here in Dallas is the miscommunication in my opinion is a Miss its a breakdown of communication between authorities and civilians period in mind I have seen what we have gone through ever they dont see outside youre absolutely right about yeah yeah I think dont see it yeah and I dont think theyre gonna see it now even with this and its sad as it is theyre not gonna see you know what weve been going through because its like you were saying earlier its gonna be a different story yeah its gonna be a totally different story yeah because we love propaganda and – instead of looking at the reality and actually keeping it a honey like the weather do here in Dallas hell yeah and welcome to July in Dallas yeah we keep in 98 we sweep things under the rug and we need to until we get out of that mode of you know we shouldnt even be embarrassed everything is exposed you tell your age you can tell everything Google baby its Google Earth Ill see you right now okay so why hide it lets just talk about it we all know its a problem lets talk about it thats nice lets get lets get some resolution well I know you keep it 100 this week you should be Donald Trumps running mate well you saw were civil till that moment I love drunk giving life I could use you drunk kids I like drunk please dont hold that against me come come out to Arlington every five to see you oh good yeah continued success to you

Adele Givens, Tom Joyner Morning Show
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