Acer H277HU 27″ Monitor | Complete Menu Options OSD

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hi so what I have here is the Acer 27-inch h2 77 HU and Im going to show you all of the on-screen display menu options of this monitor here so Im going to go ahead and show you the buttons first before I go into the menu system so Im going to go underneath this monitor panel and youll see there is this power button and these I believe 5 other buttons that activate the menu options but let me go ahead and show you that so I wanted to show you those buttons because youre gonna wonder what Im pushing in the bottle let me go ahead and now go through each menu option so I am going to activate the menu here by pushing the first button right next to the power button and youll notice there are actually four choices here input so that is toggling between the HDMI the HDMI the DVI port and the display port this is the volume thats the actual menu so thats the volume here youll notice its gonna have these arrow buttons and buttons and icons here or arrow icons

and then this another icon here and what that stands for is corresponding to the buttons at the bottom so this button here stands for this button this icon here stands for the button in the bottom and so on and so forth youll notice the on-screen display I have it set to 10 seconds which is why it goes off so for example when I push the volume the exit button is actually underneath here so Im gonna put put my finger underneath that icon and exit so Im gonna zoom in here and give you a better look of each one of these menu options so Im going to activate the menu and this is the volume so this is the exit button thats the increased decrease of the volume now Im going to exit the volume button and Im going to go into the screen modes or the actual settings themselves so Im going to scroll through the settings so this is the main picture so theres two panels here and Im going to scroll through this is the on screen display timeout and if I wanted to

select that setting I push the button underneath here to select that setting and now I could increase or decrease the timeout so youll notice here I have to select the setting once again and Im allowed to increase or decrease the time so Im going to set it to thirty seconds here and this is the exit button which corresponds to the button in the bottom aligned at the bottom of the aligned at the bottom here so Im going to show you so so thats the exit button and aligned at the bottom is the button it corresponds with so Im going to exit out again and now Im back where Im at highlight it right there but let me go through all of these settings so Im gonna select that setting okay so Im going to select that setting here and once again to exit you push that button to select that setting go in and Ill have to select it one more time if I want to go in there so Im going to scroll through each one of these these are all of the picture settings

just timed out a little bit so let me go ahead and select that and now go through so thats the blue light on and off thats the brightness contrast color temperature gamma RGB the sharpness on and off six access sash saturation so Im going to select that show you what exactly that is so this is the RGB saturation yellow magenta cyan and reset if I want to exit go down to the hue select right here this selection and once again the hue settings RGB hue yellow magenta cyan Im going to exit exit again so once again those were the settings for the picture just scroll through them again so you can actually see and we saw this one which is the on screen display heres the settings in general so its just wide mode and let me go in and select this not sure what these are so Im gonna go in take a look extreme off normal that those settings you might just have to play with ACM inputs so I could choose my inputs here also the language whether its widescreen mode now Im

going to exit here and the next setting is just the information so the information is basically you know what resolution and what refresh rate on that and also what what input Im in so that is the extent of the picture settings let me go ahead and exit out and go into the other mode so auto auto sets the picture settings and the refresh rate and all of that it when I pushed it it didnt do anything this is the some enhanced mode so so the settings that I set was actually for the user mode whereas if I scroll through each one of these youll see the screen changes because theres different modes for each one of these my laptop just went into sleep which is what happened there but going back here youll see theres graphics mode is movie mode and you know theres you can scroll through the modes that you want per settings so thats really it that is the settings for the h2 77 hu a serve 27-inch monitor and I hope this helped and please subscribe and thank you for watching

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