7 SENIOR MANAGER / DIRECTOR Interview Questions and Answers!

a ________ is a senior manager who oversees the use of it in the firm.
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hi there my name is Richard McMunn from the interview training company past my interview com and in this tutorial Im going to teach you how to pass either a senior management interview or a director interview and specifically Im going to give you seven sample interview questions with strong answers to all of the questions so before I give you those a very warm welcome to this tutorial thats me there on the right hand side my name is Richard McMunn and I am a former fire officer and Ive been helping people to pass our interviews for over 20 years now I love doing it and in this video as I say were going to focus on how to answer senior management interviews or director interview questions so the questions and answers are quite in-depth so you can either take notes or I will tell you at some stage during this interview tutorial where you can download all of the slides and the information so Im gonna give you unique answers to all of the questions so please stick around and watch it from beginning to end because I strongly believe it is gonna help you to pass your interview as always please subscribe to the channel if you havent done so already by clicking the red button below the video that way you will not miss out on any of the weekly tutorials that Im uploading I think weve got about a hundred eight thousand subscribers now so please do join the community also please if you like this tutorial I would very very much appreciate it if you gave the video a thumbs up Id much appreciate that thank you very much okay lets get straight into the tutorial and learn how to pass our senior management or director interview here we go question number one so the first kind of question that you will be asked you in this type of interiors ok tell me about yourself and why you would make a good senior manager or director for our company now for each particular question Im going to give you two tips and then Im going to give you a sample answer based on what I would say utilizing strong experience and also make sure making sure that you hit all of the accessible competencies so tip number one for this question my advice is to focus entirely on your work related skills the fact that you are a visionary which is somebody who looks forward and also how you how your main focus is to work towards driving the company forward and achieving the strategic goals of your employer thats really important now successful senior managers and directors have one thing in common they are able to motivate and inspire their staff to both believe in and work towards their vision okay really really important so the answer thats coming right now is based on hitting those two tips here we go first and foremost I have a track record for achieving company goals and objectives and my sole aim whilst working for you will be to work hard on delivering my targets now I am someone who is extremely passionate about my work and I understand the only way I will be successful in this role is to put the hours in work smart and drive my team towards your goals I am a strong visionary leader and manager who can motivate and inspire my team to be the best they can be whilst focusing intently on the strategic aims of the organization I believe if you hire me as your senior manager or director I believe you will be investing in a reliable trustworthy hard-working and professional

leader who is capable of solving difficult problems and also remaining calm under pressure whilst acting as a positive role model and representative for your organization so that is a solid in-depth response and as I say to save you having to write all of these down Ill tell you at some stage where you can download a copy of all of these and other great questions and answers to help you pass your interview okay so thats question number one question number two of your senior manager or director interview what are your values as a company leader so senior managers and directors are leaders really important two tips here we go most organizations who employ senior managers or directors they have set values they expect their staff to work towards so the first piece of advice I can give you is to research the company values of the organization youre being interviewed for go on their website find out what their values are now number two during your answer to this interview question detail the most important values that effectively depict a successful senior manager or director and Im going to give them to you right now in this answer here we go what are your values as a company leader I have seven important values that I always adhere to as a company leader these are that I will always act with honesty and integrity in everything I do basically if the company leader cannot do this his or her staff cannot be expected to do the same the second value is that of leading by example this is especially important when holding meetings with your managers and your supervisors the third value I abide by is accountability as a company leader I am accountable to you and I will always work hard to achieve the company goals and objectives now the four value is continuous development and improvement not only of myself but also of my staff I feel its important to be open to change and to also inspire your staff to be the best they can be now the fifth value is teamwork as its simply not possible to achieve your goals without others the sixth value is creativeness and being innovative whilst I am a creative leader I want to encourage my staff to be innovative and have the freedom to come up with new ideas that will benefit the organization now finally the seventh value is that of commitment to the customer now without customers there is no business and they will be core to everything we do if I am your company leader so youll notice one thing theres a common theme here with these answers theyre really in depth and they need to be for a senior manager or director interview next question what qualities and attributes make a good leader okay what qualities and attributes make a good leader two tips number one organizational leaders have to demonstrate a unique set of skills and attributes more notably these include an ability to plan you have to organize you have to take responsibility for company results you have to be organizationally aware you have to have strategic vision you have to lead by example and also you have to act at all times as a positive role model for the company so within your answer to this question demonstrate your understanding of how important the role is and also how this correlates with the objectives of the organization that you are being interviewed by so heres my sample response what qualities and attributes make a good leader I fully understand the qualities and attributes required to be both a good leader and also one that is

successful now perhaps the most important attribute is understanding the impact your actions and your performance within the role will have on the overall company performance if you are not capable of leading by example and also acting as a positive role model I dont believe you can succeed more notably you have to take responsibility for everything that happens within the company you have to be a great communicator because what you say and what you write can have a massive impact on your staff and also on external stakeholders you also have to inspire motivate and lead your team towards the company objectives and hold people accountable for their own actions I also feel one of the most important qualities is being able to visualize your goals and then work intensely to achieve them you have to recognize the qualities in your staff and give them the opportunity to thrive within their role and also finally be adaptable to change at all times now the only way a company such as yours can continue to grow develop and be a leader within its industry is to continually learn and adapt to the ever-changing environment in which it operates these are great answers I hope you think that really strong answers to help you pass your in – lets move on to another one how would you build a positive relationship with your staff or team how would you build a positive relationship with your star ball team and the reason why this question will be asked is they want to see how youre going to use your staff because you need the team around you to achieve your goals you not be able to do it on your own so two tips number one the key to building a positive and lasting relationship with your staff is based on three things standards recognition and consistency and Ill explain what I mean by those in a second number two during your answer to this question make sure you tell the panel you have a tried and tested method for building positive relationships from the get-go so join your answer make sure you tell the panel you have a tried and tested method for building positive relationships and heres how to answer this question how would you build positive relationships with your staff or team here we go there are three specific areas I will focus on if Im successful in this role which will ensure I build a main long lasting positive relations with my staff these are standards recognition and consistency now in respective standards it is important you set the bar high when you start and show your team you will only accept the highest standards possible this is effectively leading by example the second area recognition is all about giving your staff the opportunity to thrive in their role and when they do achieve something of significance you recognize it and you reward them if staff feel valued and recognized they will work effectively for you finally it is absolutely vital within this type of senior manager role that you are consistent at all times all staff must be treated consistently and fairly I believe if you do those three things you will be able to build positive relationships with your staff and you will empower them to achieve great things for you the organization thats another solid response were making really good progress next question are you a risk taker really tough question but any kind of manager or director role are you a risk taker two tips now to be successful you have to take risks however the risk has to be weighed up against the possible outcomes now whilst

you should say you are a risk taker in my opinion it is important to explain on what level you would take risks and more importantly the risk assessment process you would go through when making your decision now when answering this question my advice is to utilize the following risk assessment process that will ensure you come across as responsible calculated and intelligent whilst assessing the risk in any kind of situation so here we go are you a risk taker the short answer is yes I am a risk taker however before I take any type of risk I will conduct a thorough risk assessment to ensure I am NOT putting the organization under undue stress or taking a risk that could have potentially extreme and negative consequences for you my employer now before taking risks I would utilize a risk assessment process the weight of the risks versus the benefits the possibility of things going wrong if things did go wrong what would be the connotations for the organization and also how I could use edges and techniques to minimize the risk as much as possible then once I have gathered all of the facts available and utilized my risk management process I would make a decision that was in the best interest of you the organization now I believe taking risks is an important part of managing an organization however foolish and ill thought decisions based on gut feeling or past experiences are something I would never make any risk I take would be based on an assessment the facts available to both my team and I and the reputation of my employer and the good of the organization would always come first so thats a great balance dancer of course you need to take risks when the time is right but you shouldnt make ill thought and and and decisions based on gut feeling you need to gather the facts thats really important next question how important is company culture to you and what steps would you take to maintain your desired culture two tips now company culture is an essential part of a productive happy and professional workforce there are a number of different elements that can all have a positive impact on creating a strong culture within any organization make sure you utilize them in your answer to this interview question now my advice is to tell the interview panel you will spend approximately four weeks monitoring and assessing the current culture within their organization before making any necessary changes based on the culture you wish to see within the company because the problem is if you go into an organization that youve not worked for before in that level and you make changes straightaway you might be damaging some things which are already really strong and positive so my advice unless there are things specifically they want you to change straight away I would spend at least a month looking at the organization you know having your eyes open listening you know weave your ears to what people say asking questions to find out what the culture is like right there at that particular time and then after four weeks youll be better informed to make the changes so heres my suggested answer to this question how important is company culture to you and what steps would you take to maintain your decide culture now company culture is really important to me and I believe it is absolutely vital in assisting senior managers and directors achieve the organizations aims and objectives if you create a and positive culture within your organization not only will your staff be more productive and happy within their roles but you will also

innovation invention and inclusiveness there are many ways to develop a strong culture and these are openness engagement with your staff encouraging innovation including all team members within the decision making process focusing at all times on quality providing open and honest feedback recognizing and developing talent and also a commitment to continuous improvement if Im successful today interview I will spend approximately four weeks assessing and monitoring the current culture before deciding on and implementing any necessary changes this approach will allow me to develop and maintain a strong and positive culture so we can all successfully achieve the organizational objectives next question what are your long-term goals and how do you plan to achieve them they have to be really careful in my opinion when answering this question two tips at this level of senior management you are either at or close to the pinnacle of your career therefore your answer should be based on stability and longevity with the role youre being interviewed for so the interview panel wants someone whos going to drive their organization forward and understandably this takes time if you plan leaving any time soon I dont believe youll get the position so base your answer entirely on their company and the long-term success for them as an organization now in terms of how you plan to achieve long term success my advice is to focus on developing a strong culture and building a really good team around you who are all empowered to strive toward achieving the organizational objectives heres my answer to the question what are your long term goals and how do you plan to achieve them here we go my long term goals are to stay with your organization in the position Im being interviewed for today for me this is the pinnacle and whilst Im still enthusiastic and driven I want to focus entirely on achieving your organizational objectives and bringing long-term success to the company in terms of how I would achieve this this will be done by building a strong and driven team around me who are all focused intently on the organizational aims and objectives I would also build a strong cult in the organization that encourages innovation and recognizes hard work and professionalism I plan to work for you for many years to come and I would look forward to building a long lasting strategic vision for the organization that ensures you maintain your position as an industry-leading organization okay now if you would like to download these questions and others that are all designed to help you prepare fully for your senior manager or director interview please click the link below the video or go to my new website which is called pass my interview comm Ill just quickly go there for you and youll be able to the link will take you direct to the page where you can download these questions but you will see here on this website Ive got interview questions and answers for absolutely every role you can think of or you can search for your interview or leave us a message and tell us which role youve got but if youd like a copy of these exact ones to save you having to write them down click the link below the video and you can download them from the website thank you very very much for watching this I hope you enjoyed the tutorial dont forget to subscribe and please do hit the like button if youve enjoyed that always encourages me to create more for you thank you for watching and I genuinely wish you all a very best in your pursuit to pass in your senior manager or director interview thank you

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