5 WWE Couples Who Broke Up Recently – Alexa Bliss & Buddy Murphy Break Up

who is alexa bliss dating
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finn bálor was in a long-term relationship with WWE personality Cathy Kelly but sadly the couple is called it quits after dating for a few years but it seems that Cathy Kelly has moved on to dating a different wrestler NXT star velvetine dream who recently posted a picture on Instagram of the two confirming their relationship Sonya Deville was in a serious relationship with former NXT wrestler Sahara Schreiber but a couple has officially broken up and it seems that it was a bad breakup because the former couple has said that they never want to see each other ever again Sonya and Sahara have both moved on in new relationships Sonya is dating a model named Ariana in Sahara has a new

boyfriend that she now lives with Becky Lynch is now dating Seth Rollins but before Seth she was in a serious relationship with a successful comedian named Jeff and the couple seemed to be very happy together but it seems that Beckys Rose schedule was too hectic for the relationship to work so they broke up and Becky began dating Seth Rollins before dating Becky Lynch Seth Rollins dated a woman for several years who wasnt in the wrestling business named Sarah Sarah announced her and Seths breakup on social media and said that they have ended their journey together and they have nothing but mutual respect in love for one another one of the reasons why Seth and Beckys relationship works is because they

travel on the road together and they see each other all of the time Paige is currently dating rock star Ronnie Radke but before dating Ronnie she dated a different rock star named Kaelyn blem Kaelyn is the basis for the metal band attila pages breakup with Kaylin shocked her close friends because they seemed so perfect for each other and they were so happy together but in the end things just did not work out between them one of the reasons for the breakup could have been because Paige had just gotten out of a trouble relationship with former WWE wrestler Alberto Del Rio and she jumped back into a serious relationship too quickly but it seems that Paige is now ready to have

a long-term serious relationship with Ronnie Radke in December 2015 Alexa bliss and SmackDown wrestler buddy Murphy announced that they were engaged and their wedding was to take place during the summer of 2019 but now their wedding has been called off and they have officially broken up and it seems that Alexa may have moved on to another man Alexa 10 to the 2019 Billboard Music Awards and she was spotted on the red carpet with the mystery man whether her and the mystery man or romantically involved has not been confirmed as of yet Alexa and Buddy broke up because their schedules were so different and they barely saw each other so they made the tough decision to end their engagement and breakup

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