5 Wizards and Witches You Didn’t Know Were Ravenclaws

who is the head of ravenclaw house
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the house of Ravenclaw is widely popular and respected but a Harry Potter universe although there are some facts that arent widely known for instance did you know that the emblem of Ravenclaw isnt actually a raven its an eagle it was changed to a raven for the movies ravenclaw house has had its fair share of high-profile and celebrity members and for those of you who are aware of some of these members thats great keep tight keep quiet but for those of you who arent aware here are five wizards and witches you didnt know where Ravenclaws at number five weve got the

fancy-pants Gilderoy Lockhart the once-famous adventurist and wizard celebrity Gilderoy Lockhart was deemed quite clever in his Hogwarts days and many professors deemed that with hard work he could really make something of himself he also became a famous author although all of his tales were fraudulent at number 4 we have filius Flitwick the part wizard part goblin was a ravenclaw student in his hogwarts days and later went on to become head of the house Flitwick is a master duelist and an expert at charms he also survived both Wizarding wars at number three weve got Moaning Myrtle Moaning Myrtle Warren was the

force an only victim to be murdered by Salazar Slytherins basilisk due to her being a muggle born she was highly intelligent but struggle to make friends due to her acne and her glasses she haunts the 5th floor bathroom at Hogwarts in at number 2 we have queerness squirrel the nervous stuttering Professor Quirrell was the Mogul studies teacher open till he took a sabbatical for a year to search for Lord Voldemort in a means to learn from him asked to gain respect by achieving power unfortunately Voldemort ego squirrels body as a host and the professor became a servant he died while

trying to murder Harry Potter and in the number one spot we have Garrick Ollivander considered to find as one maker in the world be closely guarded one making secrets that many have sought after Garrick Ollivander was sorted into Raven in his Hogwarts days and later went on to be the proprietor of Ollivanders he sold her middle his force wand in the summer of 1938 thank you very much for watching this video and remember if you like our channel then please please click this subscribe button right here or why not click here to check out some more videos from Harry Potter folklore

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