13 Most Unexpected Animal Swimmers

which big cat is named from the native american word meaning “he who kills with one leap”?
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13 most unexpected and all swimmers number 13 moose adults are known to run up to 35 miles per hour but theyre excellent swimmers and can navigate the water pretty fast too they can cover large areas swimming up to 6 miles per hour for two hours at a time in summertime moose often jump in the water to eat various leafy greens that supply them with minerals and sodium theyll also take a dive to avoid predators so Ill just simply cool down in 2016 a Canadian man had the bright idea of jumping from his boat onto the back of a swimming moose the incident was caught on camera and two men received several charges including hunting big game that is swimming or trying to swim number 12 giraffes but you didnt expect to see this animal make the list well honestly neither did we and technically they really happen but a team of researchers were obsessed with finding out whether or not these animals could swim and they basically created a digital representation of a giraffe plugged in its mass and weight and then let the digital animal plunge into some digital water guess what the researchers discovered that giraffes would be buoyant in approximately nine feet of water but their unusual shape would make for an awkward aquatic experience an official conclusion stated that and we are paraphrasing here giraffes wouldnt be too anxious to dive in because being in water is a disadvantage compared to staying on solid ground in other words they would suck at swimming the real conclusion seems to be that the researchers had way too much time on the hands and were not sticking our necks out to say that number, 11 camels if theres an

animal that deserves to cool down it must be camels but not all camels can swim theres a unique breed of the animal known as the karai known to swim almost two miles in the sea as of 2015 gujarat in western india was the only home of this unique breed of camel number ten hedgehogs the little woodland critters do enjoy splashing about in the water although theyre better suited to smaller venues like bathtubs of sinks and most of their aquatic adventures occur when its the scheduled bath time interestingly Sonic perhaps the most famous Hedgehog of them all did not swim in any of his video game escapades and thats because his creator said he just assumed that hedgehogs couldnt swim number nine pigs if you didnt think porkers could make a splash guess again the animals are known to be excellent swimmers and will employ that skill whether to escape danger cross water in search of food sources or while seeking more favorable habitat the best example of swimming pigs is found in the Bahamas the uninhabited island of big major K is home to a group of feral but friendly porkers who are often seen swimming wide tour boats in search of treats no one seems to know exactly how they got there but some theories include that they were survivors of a shipwreck near the island and just made themselves at home that if youd like to know even more about these interesting kwatak piggies the featured in a video we made called nine islands ruled by creatures and you can see it here number eight domestic cats well theyd certainly be unexpected animal swimmers but some felines dont mind getting the fair wet the turkish Verne is a

domestic cat that is well known for its love of autumn and is known as the swimming cat its not uncommon for this breed to swim or just lie in the water once the last time you saw Kathy then some other domestic cat breeds dont mind playing in the water either including the Norwegian Forest Cat and Japanese bobtail but the Turkish van is the only one we found that was expressly known for actually swimming did we miss your favorite domestic water proof cat let us know in the comments number seven capybaras theyre known to be the worlds largest rodents growing up a four feet long and weighing over a hundred and forty pounds but did you know they have partially webbed feet and are semi aquatic creatures not only a capybaras nimble on the land theyre equally at home in the water theyre actually amazing swimmers and can stay totally submerged for up to five minutes while evading predators they can even sleep in one keeping only the noses exposed to breathe did you know that capybaras are considered intelligent social animals and are often kept as pets number six Tigers the worlds largest species of cat is no stranger to the water and theyre known to be adept swimmers its thought that Tigers may have evolved this ability due to living in tropical jungles with wide rivers Tigers can swim rivers wider than four miles across and a capable of swimming distances of 18 miles each day as they patrol the territory meanwhile leopards the smallest of the large cats are known as strong swimmers as well although not quite as skilled as Tigers number five Jaguars theyre known to enjoy the water the known to swim hunt and playing

it the Leoben fish in streams and rivers and according to some historical accounts these big cats even lured fish by dipping the tails into streams pretty badass something you would expect from a Jaguar and did you know that the name comes from a Native American word meaning key who kills with one leap ISIL number four mice theyre known to be capable swimmers and can do so for extended periods of time theyre also quite good at swimming underwater and thanks to those aquatic abilities adult mice can survive floods by swimming to higher elevations generally though when placed in water environments the rodents will try to exit the water at that earliest opportunity number three rats yes they do have a bad image but theres no denying they are capable of some impressive feats as swimmers they might give Michael Phelps a good challenge rats can hold the breath for three minutes underwater and shred water for three days and because the bodies are so flexible they can easily maneuver through sewer systems and narrow toilet pipes youve no doubt heard the legends well lets just leave it at that okay but there are even accounts from New Zealand about the animals swimming from island to island so yeah these vermin have skills and theres nothing Mickey Mouse about that number two spiders were you aware certain species of arachnids have a fondness for the water the six spotted fishing spider is noted for its ability to stay in the water for up to a half hour to grab its dinner or evade predators they can breathe underwater by using the water repellent hairs on the abdomens to trap air in general fishing spiders or fish eating spiders as also known are

over the world including the aforementioned six spotted spider of the US theres also the pond wolf spiders of India and great raft spiders in the UK the found on every continent actually except Antarctica as the name implies the spiders actually catch and eat small fish and some of the arachnids can take down fish that are up to five times heavier than themselves the venom is a lethal cocktail of neurotoxins that attack the nervous systems of the pry number one elephants now you wouldnt think water and elephants could mix yet the big pachyderms unknown to take the occasional dip and why not they already have the trunks yes okay thats a bad elephant joke however those massive bodies can actually aid them in staying afloat and they can submerge themselves on the water using their trunks as a type of built-in snorkel as they swim long distances using all four legs to paddle long in the case of Raja the elephant is seeing the photo by Jeff Genova he was known as the worlds only swimming bull elephant when this picture was taken in 2007 you can see that Rajan acts very much at home in the water even seeming to smile at the camera operator maybe he was trying to give the photographers the best angle for his close-up Rajan was a star attraction in the underman Islands of India and gathered a worldwide following before passing away in 2016 did you know that elephants are considered expert swimmers by Nature when limited infrastructure made it difficult to transport elephants to various islands in southern India during the late 19th century the British found the most expedient way to get the animals to their location was to have them swim there

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