10 Facts About Rock Lee You Should Know!!!

who is rock lees dad
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st. Sava state savage Boise no venture you know I keep it real with popping though today were kicking off a brand new series yes were gonna be kicking off a brand new series the first episode in the series will be based on Rock Lee were gonna do 10 facts about Rock Lee that you should already know Ill be dropping these type of videos two times a week so if you guys are excited about that gonna smash that like button let me know what you think about this idea in the comment section with todays video my body low my jaw bones alright so you guys know Rock Lee is a pretty dope carrot hes one of my favorite characters from Naruto hes not D favorite characters but hes at least half 15 so number 10 Rock Lee and Bruce Lee boats share the same birthdays I never knew that their boat were born November 27 thats hella interesting cuz honestly you know Rock Lee Bruce Lee they kind of look the same they kind of based off of the same things but I didnt expect them to have the exact same birthday thats very strange number 9 the boy Rock Lee has completed sixty one official missions in total yes these are missions passed down from the Hokage him or herself he has completed 25 D rank missions 2421 C rank missions for B rank

missions Tim airing missions in one s-rank mission that mean that boy is pampered by the standards are set to tomorrow like this man is ridiculous holy number 8 Rock Lees injuries are also similar to the ones Bruce Lee received but were expected to never walk again dad is insane so you know like when that boy was fighting against Gaara thats pretty much the similar injuries that Bruce Lee had when he got into the first time as well and they boat was never expected to walk again but they both defeated the odds as well and they went on and they did they own thing you know Im saying number 7 Rock Lees favorite phrase is springtime of youth now if you guys know my boy guy sensei he like does the power of you now my boy Rock Lee springtime of years that I dont know if I sounded like them I probably just messed up your ears but that is his favorite phrase and thats number seven number six is pretty interesting I actually didnt notice Berkeley but Rock Lees favorite foods are medium spicy curry and curry pilaf though even like his sensei he finds it impossible to dislike any sort of food but that thats thats really different cuz I never expected you know Rock Lee to be a spicy blooded food owner like you like spicy food you from the south

boy you from Louisiana like me thats crazy alright so we pretty much hit the halfway mark through this list but we got some more interesting facts for you guys number five broccoli can fight while unconscious are sleeping he can even run as well so I think thats like really really insane but if you guys have seen the fight between him and garland Gaara finally like beat him up and you know broke his arm and messed up his leg like Rock Lee still withstanding Rock Lee was unconsciously like standing now ready to fight again like that seemed powerful will like if it wasnt for guys since they intervening my man Rock Lee was still tried to beat the guards ass but you know Gaara kind of snap that boy back to reality all right number four through guy sensei is teaching Lee has learned how to open five of the eight gates at the age of twelve due at the age of, 12 this man can open five of the eight gates three more and you can die hello and then at the age of 17 he learned how to open six gates so what happened between that time like he learned five gates within like like twelve years and then just turned around and learn one in the spend five more years like Im confused I think you should be able to open some

more than gate buddy but thats still pretty dope like the fact that you can open six gates of chakra by the age of 17 just imagine if he ever ran up on somebody dude just back away number three gets his fight with kimimaro Lee used drunken fist which is the most unpredictable form of tides its suing his arsenal that alone is scary the fact that kimimaro was basically a genius he was like really really strong and liked all the reason he didnt becomes orochimarus vessels because he was really sick so basically since kimimaro couldnt read his moves through his drunken style Im pretty sure anybody with the Sharingan couldnt expect that either but then again the Sharingan is some whole another local it couldve I dont know but drunken fist was really dope I wanted to be in the naruto games that way id be like an awakening but they never incorporated you know I mean im not upset with five gates and six gates that we have gotten but still it wouldve been dope to see number two I dont know if you guys have played any of the naruto ultimate ninja hero series but ive played a few of them in naruto ultimate in just heroes Lee calls himself the leaf village is no savage like your noble savage huh how does that work youre like nobility but youre still a savage

that I dont understand number one I dont know if a lot of you guys know this but I know a few people notice if you actually look closely into rotwangs hair you know around the white part you know when its kind of like you got too much free slapped in this girl it actually says ninja like what my boy has ninja in his hair like thats in tribe in your hair like you walk around my boys a living breathing ninja he said I dont need no Jitsu and I need no Ginja to our beat us with the tiger – because Im man and yeah like that man is crazy so if you guys enjoyed these ten facts of our ugly let me know what you thought about them in the comment section below also if you have any recommendations for any characters from any anime series that youd like to see in the future you know leave those below – Ill be more than welcome to take suggestions Im actually planning on doing some more videos like this Im also planning to do two of these videos a week so if you guys enjoyed this video make sure you hit that subscribe button for daily content and until next time my name is Geno Vento check out my Twitter in the description below to stay tuned for updates later guys have a great day

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