Final Jeopardy: Double Zelda Fail

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videogame history is the category heres the clue the title princess of this game which launched the best-selling franchise was named for f scott Fitzgeralds wife 30 seconds gentlemen good luck it helps a lot if you knew the name of f

scott Fitzgeralds wife we start with you Ken you had sixty six hundred and you wrote down what is Zelda no thats not the name of the game or the franchise so its going to cost you six thousand you drop to

six hundred now we come down to mark Japan guy he had twenty thousand eight hundred and his response was what is the Legend of Zelda thats the series yes and you add 75 hundred that puts you in the lead for

the moment with twenty eight thousand three hundred and it takes us to Toby group will he come up with The Legend of Zelda no he came up with the name only and where will he finish Oh a big wager, 15

thousand four hundred you wind up in second place and Mars Japanese United a few days over fifty nine thousand four hundred ninety nine dollars good game brains finished gotta pay attention well see you all on Monday have a good weekend

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