Xcode problem – Command /usr/bin/codesign failed with exit code 1

linker command failed with exit code 1
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13 and I just wanted to ask you what can you help me to fix my problem with updating my application to App Store basically first of all when I have here my organizer and theres arcades it always shows me this I know I tried to fix it but it still doesnt doesnt work so I said okay Ill build the application

once again and I build it once again but it still still doesnt work always like it works on a simulator respect when I add the phone so there it is my iPhone we try to run it its connected its always failed the same one product and or Creve archive or Keefe anyway you see and now its loading and soon is

giving to show us built failed you once again so are you two issues and there is this one problem the comment user bin cow design fails with exit code one it show me all the time I just hate it Im searching like how to fix it for two weeks but I cant find anything so any video or anything I so

of videos I read a lot about it but nothing helped this so maybe can you just um try to help me maybe record your video response that would be nice hope you help me see you guys later I will be really really really like thank you yeah so just just big think I can do more about you know help you please

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